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Irwin High Carbon Taps - Multiple Sizes

Irwin High Carbon Taps - Multiple Sizes


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These Irwin Hanson taps are ideal for general-purpose threading, producing a class 2B thread. We offer them in two sizes corresponding to the most common grease fittings found in North America. Great for replacing press-fit Zerks that keep popping out, or retapping old threads in the field.
Note that the thread descriptions can be counter-intuitive. The 1/4"-28 tap is smaller than the 1/8" NPT tap. 

We also offer T-handle tap wrenches for both sizes here. 

1/4"-28 NF High Carbon Steel Plug Tap (Small)
  • 28 threads per inch
  • Straight¬†flutes ground for rapid chip removal
  • Use with a #3 drill bit
1/8"-27NPT High Carbon Steel Taper Tap (Large)
  • 27 threads per inch
  • Tapered threads
  • Use with a Q drill bit
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