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KROIL Penetrating Oil, liquid

KROIL Penetrating Oil, liquid


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Loosen frozen metal parts the professional way, with Kroil Original Penetrating Liquid.

8 oz. Can

When it comes to freeing corroded items in tough spaces, nothing rivals powerful, industry-proven Kroil penetrating oil. Used and trusted by pros and experienced DIYers alike since 1939, Kroil quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts, frees frozen shafts, pulleys, and more. No space is too tight to reach, thanks to Kroil’s ability to penetrate the smallest opening, thread or crevice. Corrosion meets its match, as Kroil removes and prevents rust, cleans and lubricates, and displaces moisture.

  • Safe for use on metal, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces
  • Features a spout for convenient and precise application
  • Practically no expiration date
  • Can be used on a wide range of hardware, tools and equipment
  • Does not harden, gum or expire

Note: We can only ship Kroil to US addresses.

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