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LockNLube Easy-Prime Lever Grease Gun

LockNLube Easy-Prime Lever Grease Gun


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Easy-priming, high pressure, and European engineered, the¬†LockNLube Easy-Prime Lever Grease Gun¬†will change your idea of what a grease gun can be. The lightweight design does away with the follower rod and plate, replacing them with a simple, reusable cap. The plastic follower is pulled up as you grease and scrapes the tube clean‚Äîno drips, no mess! The precision design allows for fast and easy priming, enabled by a vacuum seal that keeps the follower sealed tightly. Our LockNLube® Grease Coupler, In-Line Hose Swivel, and 20" whip hose mean no leaks, no mess, and no hands needed to keep the coupler in place.

The lever-action allows for high-pressure applications with less effort and shorter strokes. Designed for use in harsh conditions, with sturdy construction and seals that keep dirt out. The LockNLube®¬†Easy-Prime Grease Gun will provide years of easy service on your farm, job site, or in your backyard garden.¬†

Includes 10 reusable followers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy priming: Unique plastic follower and vacuum suction means easy priming every time
  • High pressure: 10,000 PSI max. Pressure remains constant up to 40,000 priming cycles
  • Lightweight: No follower plate or follower rod needed makes the gun lighter and more compact than anything on the market¬†
  • No leaks: Reusable plastic follower means no dripping grease. LockNLube® Grease Coupler means no leaks from the top
  • Storage: Features "Loop & Lock" storage design

The Easy-Prime barrel system is not interchangeable with other grease guns.

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