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8-Piece Quick Connect Greasing Accessory Kit

8-Piece Quick Connect Greasing Accessory Kit


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Quick Connect Greasing Accessory Kit. Reach any grease fitting on any machine!

Eight quick-connect adapters allow access to hard-to-reach grease fittings. As seen on TruckU on the Motortrend Channel!


  1. LNL120 - 90° Grease Coupler Adapter
  2. LNL121¬†-¬†Push-On 90° Grease Coupler
  3. LNL122 - Narrow Needle Nose Dispenser
  4. LNL123 - Grease Injector Needle
  5. LNL126 - Quick-Connect Grease Hose Adapter
  6. LNL127 - Seal-Off Grease Adapter
  7. LNL128 - Recessed Fitting Adapter
  8. LNL129 - Simple 90 Degree Adapter

Save 25% vs. buying all 8 separately!

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