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Pressol G2 Rotary Barrel Pump

Pressol G2 Rotary Barrel Pump


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The German-made Pressol G2 Rotary Barrel pump is here to make your fluid transfer jobs faster and easier!

Pressol G2 Rotary Barrel Pump is able to handle everything from antifreeze and diesel to heavy oils up to SAE 90. Heavy-duty construction, won’t react with or contaminate volatile fluids. High-flow output delivers almost 5 gallons/minute (diesel)! 


  • High-flow output delivers nearly 5 gallons/minute!
  • Smooth hand-rotating operation
  • Excellent suction performance due to precision component design
  • Discharge hose, 2 m, with steel discharge spout
  • Barrel screw coupling G 2''
  • Impact-resistant pump housing
  • Non-slip handle
  • Assembly and container change without tools
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