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TRC 880 Crown & Chassis Grease (100 Timken Load)

TRC 880 Crown & Chassis Grease (100 Timken Load)


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  • The "red grease with golden flakes" is a favorite nationwide - from industrial to agriculture to trucking

  • Adhesive and cohesive

  • Resists decomposition, thinning and oxidation

880 C&C meets and exceeds the demands of a multi-purpose lubricant. With a Timken load rating of 100 pounds minimum, 880 C&C meets special lubrication needs, providing the ultimate in extreme pressure protection. It's excellent for use on ball joints and fifth wheels, which are constantly placed under heavy loads. Impervious to water, 880 C&C stays put.

The special water-resistant qualities of 880 C&C keeps surfaces of marine-related equipment well-lubricated, avoiding rusting, corroding, and seizing. It is also an exceptional lubricant for trenching, construction, and industrial uses, standing up to even the most adverse conditions encountered with water pump bearings. The special tackiness additives contained in 880 C&C grease make it a highly practical grease.

It's ability to stay put not only reduces grease consumption, but also provides outstanding protection against metal-to-metal contact. It clings to metal, sealing out dust, moisture, rust and corrosion. In addition to creating a dust barrier, the adhesive and cohesive qualities of 880 C&C grease allow it to resist balling up in front of a bearing shaft. These traits also help lubricate the complete shaft and bearing, avoiding dry spots.

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