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Vermont Glove

Vermont Work Gloves - Handmade in Vermont since 1920

Vermont Work Gloves - Handmade in Vermont since 1920


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  • Handmade in Vermont since 1920
  • Double-walled palm construction for durability where it matters.
  • Outside-seamed thumb for increased comfort.
  • Double-stitched fingertip seams (5 fingers) for protection & durability.
  • Thick, durable goatskin leather stays soft and dexterous.
  • Great with barbed wire. Goat leather¬†prevents pokes from barbs, unlike cow leather.¬†

The best work gloves you'll ever own. Handmade in Vermont since 1920, these gloves get better with age. The goat leather forms to your hands over time, getting softer and more pliable as you use them. Get them wet? No problem, they dry soft, unlike cow leather.

The outside seams give your thumb, the palm of your hand, and tips of your fingers incredible feel and dexterity, whether you're mucking out a barn or picking a nail off the floor, these gloves get the job done.

You want these gloves to be snug, they'll wear well and form to your hands. Size down from what you're used to.

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